31 Whitest last names

What’s your last name? I’m guessing it’s one of the whitest last names in America. And if you don’t know what white last names are, we’re going to tell you! 

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular and least popular white last names, so get ready for some surprises!

Smith seems to be at the top of the list of the whitest names, followed by Johnson, Miller, Brown, Jones and Williams.

Cohen comes in on our list. This sounds much less white than Smith or White, but it’s still quite popular. 

Rodriguez is the least white-sounding of all Hispanic last names.

Both Wilson and Bennett are considered very common last names, but Wilson is much more popular. Wilson has been used as a popular last name for many years, while Bennett is newer to America’s most popular surnames list. 

Jackson is a unique name. It’s very common, but it sounds whiter to white Americans due to the prevalence of white names in their gene pool. 

Anderson comes from Scotland and has been used as a white last name for quite some time. It still sounds white, even though it’s less popular than White! 

Washington is a name that has been used to celebrate white historical figures. 

Lee is another white-sounding name, especially compared to the much less common white names Hanes and Schwartz. Lee became popular as a name because of Robert E. Lee, a Confederate General during the American Civil War. 

Brown vs. Browne. Both Brown and Browne are considered common white surnames, but Brown comes out on top! 

Thompson comes from Scotland and has been used as a White surname for many years. 

Lane vs. Lang. Lang remains one of the whitest last names in America, even though it’s actually less popular than Lane! 

Marshall comes from Scotland and has been used as a white surname for many years.

Weaver and Webber sound very similar, but Weaver is much more encountered in the white community! 

Miller vs. Milner. Miller comes out on top, it’s much more popular than Milner. 

Watson comes from England and has been used as a last name for many years.

Clarke is considered a very white-sounding last name, but it’s not nearly as common as Clark!

Daniels is not as popular as a white last name, but it sounds white enough. 

Henderson vs. Henson. Henderson is a less popular white surname, while Henson isn’t common among white people at all!

White people often get their last name from their ancestors! White people’s family names are typically English. White-sounding last names can also be Dutch, French, German and Scandinavian. White European immigrants in America were often poor and uneducated – many white people changed their last names when they came to America.

People have been known to change their last names for a wide range of reasons. White people from poor families with not-so-white-sounding surnames often changed them in order to make it easier for them to land a better job. 

Overall, the most common white last names are Smith, Johnson and Williams. For those with more uncommon last names, it can be difficult to find other people who share the same name. This has led many people to take up nicknames or even change their names.

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