56+ Silver Car Names

There are many different types of names for a silver car. But if you’re the lucky owner of one, you should definitely go for a catchy name! Some people name their cars after celebrities they love, some after the color they’re painted and others just use a word that sounds nice in their language.

What will you do? Read on to find out 56 ideas of names for silver cars:

Funny and Unique Silver Car Names

Sleek ride – if your silver beauty is fast and sleek like a bullet train, this name will suit it perfectly.

Sparky – great for a car that has some electrifying options inside it.

Quicksilver – another name option to express the speed of your car.

Cirrus – for a silver car that closely resembles clouds in the sky.

Roadless Silver

Silver Bullet – with this name, you can definitely rule the road.


Silver clouds – for a foggy silver car.

Silver Nectar – this name comes from the ancient Greeks. They believed that deities were drinking nectar from a golden cup and that was why the sky was shining so beautifully. The word ‘nectar’ has been used to refer to the highest quality of something ever since. It’s perfect for a silver car!

The Lone Ranger



My Other Car is a Porsche


Adolph von Silverbilker


Shining Armor


Sunshine Car Company

The Silver Ghost

Admiral Ackbar

The Silver Fox

The Silver Bullet Express

Silver Stallion

Sterling Archer

Señor Spielbergo

Klaus Badelt


Manuel “Chewcacca” Rodriguez

Admiral Silverberg

Admiral Silverthrone

The Ice King

Johnny Silverhand

The Dark Knight

Silver Surfer

Rover Sterling

Silver Snake

Shining Silver

The Silver Sloth

Silver Ring Thing

Tony Stark’s Car

Starsky and Silver

Silver Bullet Bandwagon

The Silver Searcher

The Silver Surfer

The Silver Streak

Diego Silver

The Silver

Mr. Shiny-pants


Hector Silverspoon

Cletus Clawpfister

Clang McBlanger

The Silver Ninja

Silver Shark

Hans von Schtinklestein

In conclusion

Naming your car is an important step into your car’s identity. Regardless of whether you’re a male or a female, keep in mind all the fun you can have with it and choose a name that will represent you!

Which name of our list did you like the most? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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