26 Thai last names

Thai last names are not only interesting because of their meanings, but also because you can tell what part of Thailand someone comes from. For example, if someone’s name ends with -phong (which means “village”), then they come from rural areas in the north or northeast regions of Thailand. If their last name ends with -kaeo (which means “town”) then they’re probably from an area in central Thailand like Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, Nakhon Sawan or Suphanburi. Other suffixes to look for include -chomtian (city) and -sanitwet (province) 

This blog post will break down some common Thai surnames.

Suwannaphum has its origins in Thailand’s rich cultural history. The name can be broken down into two words, “Suwan”, which means golden, and “nabhumi”, which is the Sanskrit word for Thailand or Siam. Thailand was formerly called “Suwannabhumi” or Siam in Thailand’s ancient Sanskrit-based Pali language.

Ratchaphruek – means “blessed flower”.

Fun fact: Thailand is often called the ‘Land of Smiles’ due to its friendly people, but Thailand is also known as the ‘land of flowers’. The country has over 400 species of palm trees and thousands of varieties of orchids.

Sukhothai – means “dawn of happiness”.

Wongwan, meaning “pink”, is usually associated with Thailand Malay people.

Davaravadi means “to be smart” in Thailand. The name originates from the Thai word “davara”, which means “clever, smart, intelligent.”

Pasakorn or Pajaree means military or serviceman.

Suriya means energizer or one who is full of power.

Atchariya means lucky, fortunate or happy.

Siriwan or Boonmee are common names because they mean beautiful eyes. 

Yadthana is quite popular in Thailand. It originates from the Sanskrit word “yatha” which means “this way, as this way” 

Singmanee means lucky charm. 

One other common Thail last name is Noppawan which means “lotus flower.”

Somchai or Pauchok are also among the most popular Thailand last names.

Naree means prosperous, thriving and flourishing.  

Sathit originates from the Sanskrit word “Sathy” which means ‘truth.’

Arthit. Inspired by the Hindu name ‘Aditya’, Arthit means ‘man of the sun’ and has its origin in Thai.

Bui is an occupational last name as it means ‘farmer.’

Dokbua. Referring to the gorgeous ‘lotus flower,’ this Thai origin surname symbolizes enlightenment.

Krungthep. It refers to Bangkok, ideal for those families originating from the capital city.

Piyapas. The family name Piyapas has its origin from the Sanskrit word ‘Piyavate,’ which means ‘friend of all people’.

Sriboonruang. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘sri,’ Sriboonruang symbolizes prosperity and well-being in Thailand.

Thawatchai It is derived from the Hindu word ‘Thawakthi,’ which means power or strength.

Last but not least, Pratumyen originates from the Thailand language that means ‘the first one.’ Thailand is the land of many cultures and races, hence Thailand’s last names like this will help you create an image of Thailand even before your visit the country.

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