57+ Blue Car Names

Sophisticated, yet subdued. Practical, but still stylish. Blue is the color of choice for cars with class and substance. If you’re a proud new owner of one, congrats!

But now you need some inspiration, right? You want a catchy name that rolls of the tongue. A name that lets everyone know who’s car this is, and all about its personality – just by saying it.

Names have power, you see. They can make a statement of intent, or show others a glimpse of what’s inside you.

The following are some ideas to get you started – they’re all blue car names. Find the one that suits you best!

Names for a Blue Car

1) Royalty: You just got yourself a regal automobile, so why not celebrate it with a regal name? “Royalty” isn’t just a blue car name, but a royal one. It’s also not very common, which makes it stand out from the crowd and be remembered later on.

2) Skydancer: Blue cars have been known to dance across oceans in movies. Why not give yours the same carefree personality by calling it “Skydancer”? This is a great name, and a catchy one too.

3) Azure: If “Royalty” sounds a little too pretentious for your tastes but you still want a regal feel to your car’s name, go with “Azure”. This is a modern take on the word, styling it away from antiquity and into the 21st-century. It’s also very easy to pronounce and remember.

4) Glacia: A little out of the ordinary, but not too much so as to be confusing or unpronounceable, “Glacia” is one blue car name that stands out from the rest in a good way. Plus it sounds quite elegant! Who knows? Maybe there’s a blizzard of compliments coming your way.

5) Indigo: “Indigo” is an example of a name that’s unusual but still easy to remember and pronounce. It’s also a great option for those who want a creative car name, as it means literally ‘of a blue color’. This keeps the theme going – making you look like a serious car enthusiast.

6) Cobalt: “Cobalt” is another word for blue, so here’s a name that means what it looks like! It also rolls of the tongue better than ”Azure”, which some people may find harder to say. This makes it a great choice if you have an accent or speak English as a second language.

7) Sky: This is another name that is exactly what it sounds like! It’s short but still easy to remember and isn’t too common so you can stand out of the crowd. You also get the added benefit of not having to decide on how to spell it – just go with whatever looks most appealing!

8) Peacock: If you’re all about color, or just want a car name that’s sure to attract attention wherever you go, “Peacock” is what you need. It’s bright and flashy but not too in-your-face – just enough to grab peoples’ attention without being overbearing.

9) Twilight: If “Peacock” is too loud for your tastes but you still want a car name that’s sure to stand out, go with “Twilight”. This is the perfect name for those who are outgoing and fun-loving. Plus it has a poetic feel to it, echoing romantic evenings spent on the beach watching the sunset.

10) Seaspray: “Seaspray” is a great name for those who love the sea, and particularly enjoy surfing! It’s also very catchy and easy to remember. This makes it popular among young people looking for something different but also trendy.

11) Midnight: If you prefer to give your car a dark-themed name, there’s no better option than “Midnight”. This is a poetic name for a blue car that can’t help but sound mysterious. It also evokes images of scandalous midnight escapades and secret rendezvous.

12) Indigo Nights: Another name with ”Indigo” in it! If you love your car, or this is the name that you think is most suitable for it, then why not go with a car name that means ‘evening’? This way when people hear where you got your car from, they’ll automatically think of you!

13) Cerulean: “Cerulean” is a great alternative to ”Azure” if you were looking for something a little less conventional. This is just another word for blue, but it’s not too common so it won’t sound like you’re trying too hard.

14) Skies: “Skies” is another name that means what it looks like! If you want something simple and easy to remember then this is the car name for you. It’s another example of how you don’t need to make up a fancy story behind your car’s name – something as simple as ‘sky’ can be enough.

15) Deep Sea: Like “Seaspray”, this is an excellent choice for those who love the sea and surfing! Plus, it has a very poetic ring to it, making it an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys the occasional artsy-fartsy romance novel.

16) Cobalt Blue: “Cobalt Blue” is another name that means exactly what you think. If you’re looking for something simple to remember and easy to spell, this is definitely a great choice! This is one of those car names that doesn’t try to be too fancy but still manages to stand out.

17) Sky Blue: This is another simple name that means what it looks like! It’s also an excellent choice if you’re looking for something short and easy to remember. Since this is a relatively uncommon color, it’s the perfect way to stand out from the crowd.

18) Seasaltspray: Feeling a little seasick from all those waves being splashed in your face? Well, if you’re looking for a name that makes you reminisce about the fresh sea air when you were on vacation with your family as a child, this is it.

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Royal Blue

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Faded Denim

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Pale Aqua

Lapis Lazuli

Refreshing Mint

Mayan Blue

Tiffany blue

Baby Shower

In conclusion

We hope you found this list of car names helpful! Which one do you like the best?

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