75 Black Car Names

I know you’ve been looking for a name for your black car but realized it’s not as easy as you initially thought. You want something that will tell the story of who you are, but at the same time be unique enough to set you apart from all those other boring cars on the road. Black cars are often known for being sleek, fast, and powerful so what better name than one that embodies these traits? Or you might just want a cute, gentle name. Either way, here’s a list of 75 unique black car names:

75 Names for a Black Car

  1. Black Magic Woman
  2. Midnight Voodoo
  3. Ice Cold Outlaw
  4. Sweet Justice
  5. The Dark Knight
  6. Tequila Sunrise
  7. Fast Lane
  8. Hot Rod
  9. Bullet Proof
  10. Raging Bull
  11. The Boss
  12. Kitten With A Whip
  13. Midnight Rendezvous
  14. Dark Horse
  15. The Devil Made Me Do It! (black and yellow color scheme too!)
  16. My Other Car Is A Porsche!
  17. Black Jack
  18. Metaphor (if you can find a way to fit this one on your license plate, go for it. Not many people will get this one though…)
  19. Midnight Racer (for the speed demon in you)
  20. Deep Dark Secret (because this one is delicious. Like your soul)
  21. Apex Predator
  22. Inky [cause he’s black and that’s what all the other cars call him behind his back]
  23. Ape Lord
  24. Blackie the Silverback
  25. Dark Overlord of the Underworld
  26. Arsonist
  27. Awful Awful
  28. Blackie’s Bad Luck
  29. Hell on Wheels
  30. Ebonator
  31. Nightmare on Elm Street [cause he sleeps for the day, then comes out at night to terrorize people]
  32. Ebonite Power Source
  33. Demon’s Breath
  34. The Enslaved
  35. Daddy’s Little Girl [don’t worry, I’m not going to name my car after a serial killer]
  36. Black Orlov
  37. Baron Samedi [also a character from James Bond]
  38. The Grim Reaper [not because he dies for everyone else’s sins, but just cause it sounds cool]
  39. Cthulhu [ditto]
  40. Hellbringer and Soulstealer
  41. The Phantom
  42. Some more cool names for a black car:
  43. Hades’ Car of Death
  44. The Black Panther
  45. Hot Wheels
  46. The Cheetah
  47. Aguna Black
  48. The Bat Mobile
  49. Death’s Chariot
  50. The Shrieking One [name of a song by Iron Maiden]
  51. Dracula crafter
  52. The Unholy One
  53. The Destroyer
  54. The Harvester of Souls
  55. Hellbringer and Soulstealer
  56. Hades’ Chariot
  57. The Slothful One [
  58. The Stormbringer
  59. Lady Death
  60. Carpe Noctem [Latin for “seize the night”]
  61. Night of Fire!
  62. Darkness
  63. The Bloodhound
  64. The Beast
  65. In the Shadows [a song by Within Temptation]
  66. Crimson Tide (if you’re into comic books)
  67. Black Venom
  68. Black Spyder
  69. King of the Nighttime World
  70. Wraith Queen’s Chariot of the Cauldron Born
  71. The Spirit of Vengeance
  72. The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Places
  73. Deathbringer
  74. Midnight Skyline
  75. Nightmare Spawn

In conclusion

The name of your car is something you should take seriously as it will tell the story about who you are to other people. You want a name that’s memorable and unique, but not so obscure that nobody knows what it means! The above names may be worth considering for someone looking for inspiration in naming their black vehicle–or any color, really! Have fun with this process and come up with some creative ideas while brainstorming.

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