137 Red car names

Regardless of whether you’re a male or female, another difficult decision you’ll have to make when buying a new car is to choose a cool name for it. You want something that’s distinctive, but not too wacky or obscure. Something cool, but not weird. It has to be unique without being corny. And ideally, it should evoke some kind of feeling about your personality and lifestyle-compassionate? Adventurous? Modern? You know how these things go: Once you find the perfect moniker for your ride, all of a sudden driving becomes way more fun!

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 137 awesome red car names guaranteed to get your wheels spinning in no time at all! Take a look through our suggestions below and get ready to have fun with naming your next ride!

Red Car Names

1. Goddess of Fire

2. Carmine

3. Paprika

4. Scarlett

5. Garnet

6. Crimson Red Pearl (or CSP)

7. Escarlata Roja (Spanish for ‘red’)

8. Ruby

9. Candy Red

10. The Sunfire

11. Crimson Tide

12. Scarlet Fever

13. Inferno

14. Incandescent Fire

15. Ruby Red

16. Vermillion Vixen

17. Tangerine Thunder

18. Carmine Monster

19. Minion

20. Coral Fang

21. Scarlet Scandal

21. Crimson Crush

23. Hot Tamale

24. Scarlet Smile

25. Ruby Rocket

26. Fireball

27. Maelstrom

28. A Flame Color

29. Flamingo (Think of a flamingo, which is pink and red colored.)

30. Fuchsia Fusion

31. Viper Red

32. Firetruck Red

33. Cornmeal

34. Cardinal Sin

35. Bloody Mary

36. Burgundy Blaze

37. Poinsetta Red

38. Poppy Red

39. Cherry Picking Lady

40. Crimson Aura

41. Carroty Beauty

42. Primrose Peony (Think of the color primrose, which is a light reddish-orange.)

43. Poppy Passion

44. Tangerine Dream

45. Ruby Rumba

46. Tango Red (Think of the dance tango and red mixed together .)

47. Cherry Crush

48. Red Velvet Cake

49. Ruby Ruckus

50. Bordeaux Blast

51. Garnet Girl

52. Ruby Lips

53. Cherry Bomb

54. Lilac Lioness

55. Ebony

56. Tiffany Red (Think of the color Tiffany blue, which is a shade of robin’s egg blue with a hint of red in it.)

57. Heart Of Fire

58. Scarlet Thrill

59. Lava Flow

60. Country Sunset

61. Cherry Cough Drop

62. Cherry Caverns

63. Icy Firery Pink

64. Magenta Mirage

65. Coral Blush

66. Red Velvet Rose

67. Vanilla Blaze

68. Fiery Flame

69. Lavender Lust

70. Raspberry Riot (or Razzberry)

71. Cherry Kool-Aid

72. Lobster Red

73. Cherry Pie

74. Coral Crush

75. Volcanic Ruby

76. Ladybug Red

77. Scarlet Beauty

78. Passionate Kiss

79. Burgundy Pizazz

80. Crimson Chili Pepper (Think of the color crimson and chili pepper.)

81. Blazing Bonfire

82. Red Pepper

83. Ruby Rage

84. Cherry Ice

85. Scarlet Sensation

86. Razzle-Dazzle Red

87. Scorching Passion

88. Cinnamon Fire

89. Crimson Glory

90. Scarlet Starlet (Think of the name Scarlet and a starlet.)

91. Fiery Passion

92. Cherry Cream

93. Blushing Beauty (Think of the phrase “blushing red.”)

94. Cherry Tart

95. The Crimson Code

96. Mouthwatering Cherry

97. Mutiny Red

98. Radiant Fire

99. Scarlet Runaway

100. Pink Peppermint

101. Ruby Rumpus

102. Rouge Roulette

103. Come-Hither Crimson

104. Blood Red

105. Passionate Periwinkle

106. Seething Magenta

107. Sultry Scarlet

108. Candy Apple Crush

109. Pink Panther

110. Crimson Fury

111. Red Rage

112. Passionate Pink

113. True Crimson

114. Carmine Masquerade

115. Wildfire Red

116. Scarlet Flame

117. Mayan Ruby

118. Temptation Red

119. Passionate Flare

120. Cherry Cordial

121. Crimson Berry

122. Ruby Pizzazz

123. Shocking Scarlet

124. Raspberry Tart

125. Cherry Blossom

126. Raspberry Twist

127. Scarlet Stallion

128. Scarlet Blaze

129. Crimson Flare

130. Kiss Me Deadly

131. Raspberry Rosette

132. Amelia Redbird

133. Cherry Jubilee

134. Scarlet Sunset

135. Tomato Soup

136. Raspberry Bellini

137. Crimson Passion

In conclusion

There are many names for a red car, but these should give you some ideas. If you can’t find something that suits your fancy here, do some more research and see what strikes your interest! As always, if there’s anything else we can help with please let us know. Which one stands out as being perfect for your beautiful red ride and what other suggestions do you have?

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