55+ Boy names that start with K

So you’re expecting a new bundle of joy! Congratulations, that’s wonderful news. For the baby boy names that start with K list below, I have compiled names that are both common and uncommon. But before you look through the list, there are a couple of things that you should know:

#1: The name needs to be unique and work for a baby boy (i.e., not only used in books and movies). This way your child isn’t accidentally called Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins before he heads off to school.

#2: Avoid super common names for boys starting with K such as Kevin, Kyle, Keith, etc. While these are all fine names, they are too ‘everyday’ for this list.

List of Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with K

Kaiser – German for “emperor” or “leader”. Symbolizes power and authority.

Kabir- means “God is great” in Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, and Swahili. Reminds me of the Scottish/Gaelic name Cairbre which means “little dark one”.

Kade– Celtic name meaning “prince”, similar to the k sound in Kaden, Kaleb, and Kendrick.

Kaden– means “little fire” in Arabic while Kaiden is a Gaelic version of the name.

Kalim– Arabic for “speak” or “talk” which can be shortened to Kim or Phil if you have a Kimball or Phillip as a last name.

Kareem– Arabic for “noble, generous” and used for royalty to give it that flair.

Kasen – Americanized spelling of Japanese Kyosuke which means “fortunate child” or “headstrong”. The Welsh version of this name is Caswyn, meaning blessed.

Kayden– means “blind” or “he that sees it” in Hebrew. Similar to Caden and Cadence.

Kaz– short and sweet, a popular Japanese name.

Keil– Scandinavian version of the name Caleb which means “dog” or “faithful”. It is also used as a German last name. Cale (pronounced like kale) and Cayce (like Casey) are cute nicknames.

Kellen– means “small” in Gaelic. This is a wonderful alternative to Kellan, one of the hottest names on the market today! Kell sounds like Kel plus an en at the end so it could be Kylen or Kylen.

Keoni– Hawaiian name meaning “the sea” or “seagull.” Great for surfer types!

Kieran– Celtic for “little dark one”, similar to Kaden and Kael. This is an Irish name that was made popular because of actor Kieran Culkin (he played the role of Matthew in the movie The Cider House Rules).

Kian– Gaelic for “mighty, strong” and a Persian name meaning “moon”. This is pronounced like Kyon.

Kinnon– Celtic version of the name Kenneth which means “born of fire.” It can also be spelled Kennan. The Scottish version, Cinnean has several meanings including “born fifth”, “little fair head,” and a place in Scotland.

Kayin– Hebrew for “courageous” or “strong”. This is a good choice for parents looking to avoid the common first name.

Kirk– German and English version of the Scandinavian name Kirker which means “church” or “cleric.” This is also a last name.

Kobe– Japanese name for “crown”. A fitting name for the second youngest of your family.

Kohl– Hebrew for “black” or “dark.”

Kol– German for “small” or “young”. The last name or a diminutive of Kohana which means graceful waterfowl in Hawaiian.

Kyle– Celtic version of the Scottish surname meaning “narrow strait.” There is also a place in Scotland called Kyle of Lochalsh and it was called one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Kale– short for Kalim or Caleb, this can be used as a last name as well if needed. Kadence and Cadence are great nicknames.

Kai– means “rejoice” in Hawaiian, along with the German version of the name Kai which means “sea.” This is also a last name. A cute nickname for this popular Hebrew name is Kay or Key.

Karl – a German masculine given name. It is derived from the old High German word karl, meaning “man”.

Kent– an English name that comes from the Anglo Saxon tribe called Cantware, who came over to Britain after the fall of Rome.

Kevin– an Irish and English name. The Irish spelling is Caoimhín and the English spelling comes from the Latin name “Coemgenus,” which means “gentle birth.”

Kyle– a Scottish and North English word that indicates a narrow strait of water.

Kurt– German, Swedish and Norwegian variant of Kurtis, meaning “lord of the court”.

Kagan– a Russian variant of Cohen, meaning “priest”.

Kabir– Indian name taken from Arabic origins, meaning “great”.

Kassian– Greek name that means “causing to be heard.”

Keagan– an Irish variant of Keegan, meaning “son of fire.”

Kennedy– an Irish surname that was given to Kennedy’s paternal grandparents in honor of Sir John “The Red” Hibert. Sir Hibert had been Lord Chancellor to Henry VIII in the 1530s.

Kendrick– originates from the Welsh name Cynwrig meaning “greatest champion

Kenton– Kenton is an English surname that came from Kent (England). Here, it may have been given for its association with the county or because someone lived near a riverbank.

Kenneth– Kenneth is a Scottish surname, which was an early variant of the Anglo-Saxon name Cynet or Cynan. This name may mean either “handsome” or “comely.”

Kendall– an English surname that has been paired with the Latin word meaning “valley, down, hillside.”

Kermit– it’s an English surname that means “son of Maurice.”

Kestrel– this English bird has been used as a last name since the 1800s for those who live near places where Kestrels are known to nest.

Kahlil– a Variant of Kalil, meaning “most beautiful.”

Kayce- an English name that was derived from the Old Norse word kesja, which means “kite,” a bird that reminds one of a fast-flying hawk.

King– a name given to boys when American parents want them to sound “royal.”

Kimball– an English surname that means “hill by a stream.”

In conclusion

If you are looking for baby boy names that start with k remember that there is no need to limit yourself to the suggestions provided here as there are many others out there. Good luck finding the perfect one for your little bundle of joy.

But out of curiosity, which one of our list did you like the best?

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