87+ Boy Names that start with A

When it comes to choosing a baby boy name, you want to be sure that your child will stand out. That’s why we put together this list of unique baby boy names that start with A to help you find the perfect one for your little guy.

Cute baby boy names that start with A and their origin

Aarom (Hebrew)

Aaron (Hebrew)

Abd Al Hadi (Arabic)

Abejonae (Latin-America) Abir (Hebrew)

Abner (Hebrew)

Ace (American)

Adair (Irish/Gaelic)

Adam (Hebrew/English)

Addison (English)

Adelardus (Latin-America) “The Latin-American form of Adalhard.”

Ademar (Greek)

Adelhard (German)

Adiran (Latin and Greek) “Meaning “Son of Adria” in Latin and “rich” in Greek.”

Adolfo (Italian/Spanish/Portuguese)

Adolfus (Latin America)

Adrianus (Latin -America)

Aegidius (Late Roman) “The Latinized form of the Greek name Γιδεφος or its cognates, meaning possibly ‘kid, young goat.'”

Afonso (Portuguese)

Agim (Albanian)

Aiden/Aidan (Gaelic)

Aksel (Scandinavian)

Aksenov “The Russian form of the Greek name Ανδρεας, meaning ‘man; warrior’.”

Aldis (Latvian)

Alejandro (Spanish)

Alistair (Greek) “The Greek form of the Gaelic masculine name Alastar, derived from the elements ‘ath’ and ‘siar’, meaning ‘district beyond the river.'”

Allyn (Gaelic/Latin) “From a surname which meant “from the alder grove.'”

Amor (Spanish)

Anderson (Scandinavian/English)

Angel (Greek)

Andrew (English and Romanian: from the Greek name Andreas, meaning “man.” In use by English speakers since the Middle Ages.)

Andy (Short form of English Andrew, meaning “man.” Also a pet form of English Andrea, meaning “man.” Andy is also used as a diminutive of English Anderson, meaning “son of Andrew.”)

Andreas “The Greek masculine form of Andrea, meaning ‘man; warrior.’ In use by the Germans and Dutch.”

Andreson “The Scandinavian form of Andrew, meaning ‘man;warrior.’ In use by the Germans and Dutch.”

Andrus (Greek/Latvian)

Anibal (Basque) “The Basque form of Hannibal, which is derived from the Phoenician name Hanbaal, meaning ‘Ba’al exists.'”

Annilio (Latin-America)

Antonio (Italian/Portuguese/Spanish)

Archer (English) “A skilful marksman with a bow and arrow.”

Arioaldus (Late Roman) “The Latinized form of the Germanic name Ariwald, meaning ‘leader of the army.'”

Aritz (Basque) “The Basque form of Harry, which means ‘home-ruler.”

Armando (Italian/Spanish/Portuguese)

Arminius [Latinized form]

Arnestus [Latinized form]

Arnold [Latinizedform]

Artemis (Greek) “The Greek mythological goddess of the moon and hunting, identified with the Roman goddess Diana.”

Asclepius (Late Roman) “The Latinized form of Asklepios , a proper name in ancient Greece given to sons born at four-day intervals whose task was to attend to the serpent-demons who inflicted epilepsy, fever, and other diseases.”

Athan (Arabic) “The Arabic name for Easter, which is derived from the Hebrew word ‘עצרת ‘ meaning ‘rest.'”

Atlas (Late Roman) “The Latinized form of the Greek masculine name Atlas, meaning ‘bearer; he who supports.’ In Greek mythology, the Titan who was forced to hold up the sky.”

Atwood (English) “A wood on a boundary or at a crossroads. Also an Old English surname and place name.”

Augustus (Late Roman) “The Latinized form of the Roman imperial name Augustus, which was a title given to Octavian in 27 BC by the Roman Senate meaning ‘majestic.’ “

Aurelius (Late Roman) “The Latinized form of the older name Aurelio, an ancient masculine praenomen in Rome.”

Avelino/Avellino (Italian)

Axel (Scandinavian/Dutch/Finnish)

Azarias (Late Roman) “The Latinized form of the Aramaic name זריחא Zaraḥyah meaning ‘God is my help.’ In the Book of Daniel Azariah is one of the three Israel ites who with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to bow down to King Nebuchadnezzar’s golden idol.”

More rare and unique baby boy names that start with A

Adalard (German)

Adonis (Greek)

Aedan (Irish)

Aesop (Greek)

Agustin (Spanish)

Alaida (English, German, Russian, and Scandinavian: from Old High German or Old English elements; originally a woman’s name, it began to be used as a man’s name in the 19th century and was at first given to boys born on the feast day of St. Augustine, August 28.)

Aldo (Italian)

Aleksander (Russian)

Alexandru (Romanian)

Alistar (English: variant of Alexander; originally a Scottish boys’ name, although it has been used as a girl’s name in America.)

Aloisia (German)

Aloise (French)

Alpha (Greek)

Ameenah (Arabic/Hebrew/Swahili): Variant spelling of Amina Amir (Arabic)

Amor (Latin)

Anakin (English/Greek/Hawaiian: a short form of Anakainapali, an elaborated form of English Agnes meaning “holy.” Also used as a pet name for the French Amandine or Amanda; also in use as an elaborated form of the Hebrew Amram meaning “exalted father.”

Anastasi (Greek)

Ander (Scandinavian: variant spelling of Andrew. From the Greek Andreas, which is derived from the name of the Greek goddess of victory, Andră.)

Aoibheann (Irish)

Appolonia/Apple (English: a combination of the Greek element apollon (“destroyer”) and either the English April or Saint Paul

Aquamarine (Italian: a dark blue, deep green or deep yellow semi-precious stone that takes its name from Latin aqua marinus (“water of the sea,” the Latin name for the mineral beryl.)

Argos (Greek)

Armelle (Latin)

Armin (German)

Arsenal (English: name of an English football club based in London, named after the Latin ars (“art, skill”). Arsenio is a Spanish variant.)

Aurelie (French)

Autumn (English: the name of the season, which comes from Latin autumnus, meaning “fall”)

Autum (English: variant spelling of Autumn)

Azriel (Hebrew): Variant spelling of Azriel. The Anglicized form is Ezra. Also spelt Izrael.)

Azzedine (Arabic: name of a celebrated Algerian-born French painter, born Mohammed Azeddine.)

Azzo (Italian)

In conclusion

The list of baby boy names that start with A is rather extensive. Some names are common and popular while others are quite rare and unique. However, we hope you found your perfect name on our list!

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